Tuesday, 28 July, 2009

One Saturday Afternoon – Part 2

As we lay down on the bed to have our afternoon nap with my wife resting her head over my chest,I was about to doze off when I heard my wife say "aye..."

"What?" I said still feeling sleepy..

"Are you asleep?" She asked me, making some figures on my chest with her finger.

Realizing that she wanted to talk to me about something I kissed her on her head and Asked "No..Tell me..I am listening"

"Shall I ask you something?" she asked looking into my eyes nervously...

"Yes,Go ahead.." I said running my hand through her long hair.

"Dear...ummm......" She mumbled "I...I....I am feeling like seeing you with a smooth shaved head again?" she said sheepishly.

"What????" I said "You want to see me with a shaved head?" I asked again to confirm what I heard.

"Yes." She said nervously

"But why?.. I thought you did not like seeing me in a shaved head." I said

"When you shaved your head in Tirupati,I loved it !" She replied.

"Is it?..but you never told me?" I said.

"Infact,with great difficulty I controlled myself from feeling and kissing your shaved head." She replied.

"But why?I never stopped you from doing so?" I asked."Infact when I shaved my head I was expecting that you would run your hands over my head atleast once to feel it.But you didn't.So I thought you did not like my shaved head." I said.

"NO..I am sorry if you felt like that..But I loved your looks with a shaved head.To tell you frankly,I have this fetish for shaved heads on men.I love it when men shave their heads.I love the look and feel of a clean shaved head on men.Before marriage,I always hoped that my brother and father came back from a barbershop with a smooth shaved head..but I was always disappointed because that never happened.During summers I used to suggest my brother to get his head shaved, but he never obliged.I felt very happy when you vowed to get your head shaved and eagerly waited for the day you got your head shaved at Tirupati.After your head was shaved smooth I simply wanted to feel it and kiss it.It was very tempting for me.But I did not want to dilute your vow with my fetish.So with great difficulty I controlled myself from feeling your head lest I get carried away and......" she replied looking directly into my eyes and continued "I dont know how many number of times I have seen your head shave video and how many number of times I stopped myself from asking you to get your head shaved...But today I could not control anymore..." she just closed her eyes.

"I cant believe you couldnt ask me this simple thing for such a long time.." I replied gently caressing her cheeks.."Chalo...let me fulfill this wish of yours" I said getting out of the bed.

"Are you really getting your head shaved ?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes" I replied kissing her forehead..."my scalp is itching to feel your hands and lips" I said naughtily.

"Even my hands and lips are itching to feel your smooth shaved head" she replied hugging me and kissing me.

To be continued....